About Me

I can’t lie… This is my least favorite part of any website…


A Little Intro

This is where you have to talk yourself up, tell the world how you’re better than everyone else… that’s bunk.  Although I don’t take myself seriously, I do take my work very seriously.  Although I find humor in humankind, I can assure you that I laugh at myself more, and for good reason.  If you’re looking for the newest young gun who has a cute foreign accent and a pony tail, I cut mine off 25 years ago (and removed the diamond ear ring).  I’m just an artistic soul who was bit by the “photo-bug” really hard back when I was in 7th grade.  I had my first Nikon in 8th, doing my own darkroom prints in 9th grade, and shooting model composites with my new Hasselblad medium format in 10th grade.  Gear really doesn’t matter that much, but the fact that I had 4×5 view camera in 11th grade in high school should provide a small insight into what an off the hook fanatic I was/am…

My Experience

What I have to bring to the table is 37 years of fanaticism,  34 years of professional shooting, and enough time to calm down about myself, and make it about the client and what story we need to tell to help their business.  If you have a photographic challenge,,, I can probably solve it.  If you are passionate about your product,,, I will match your passion.  If you want images that paint what you do at a level that competes nationally or even internationally, I can help.  I just noticed that I’m rambling, so I’ll stop here.  If you like my work I’d love to chat.  (contact info below)



Contact Me

Please give me a call, send a letter, or shoot an email about how I can help you…..


Craig P. Hildebrand
The Smiles Group Photo Inc. DBA: The Shoot Group

17001 Tremont St
Fort Myers, FL 33908